By Lisa Petrillo, September 26, 2019 CBS MIAMI

MIAMI BEACH (CBSMiami) – It’s booze, brunch, and broads every day at Palace Bar on Miami Beach.

The iconic drag queen show and restaurant closed for two years back in 2017 when the original building was sold.

It reopened recently in their new digs just down the block at 10th and Ocean Drive.

Thomas Donall, who’s owned it for 14 years, says Palace Bar is back and better than ever.

“It’s a whole new place, the energy is better. We needed the room. The energy is really good here,” Donall said. “For me, the service, the food, the entertainment, I want to be the best of the beach and that my goal.”

You can safely say Tiffany Fantasia is the queen of the queens. She’s been with Palace Bar for 16 years, having fun with customers like brides to be.

“You’re getting married? You poor unfortunate soul,” Tiffany said to a bride attending her bachelorette brunch party.

She says the experience is just pure fun.

“It’s outside for everyone to see no matter where you come from or who you are, you can catch a glimpse of it and decide if you what to see it or not,” Tiffany said. “Regardless of what you think about drag, we’re entertaining so you’re going to have fun when you come see a show.”

Olga Dantelly and Tiara Love Dupree are part of the team filling seven days a week of nightly shows for fans of all kinds, presenting routines that are simply contagious.

“So you have the gay community here, you have young brides, you have straight couples, families, that’s cool, right?” asked CBS4’s Lisa Petrillo.

“It’s really good, we’re all coming together and I think the energy and people having fun here is everything. I’m so happy I get to succeed and make that happen,” said Donall.

So let’s get to the food, which is as snazzy as the entertainment.

Petrillo and Donall started out with sizzling seared scallops over mashed potatoes and fresh spinach topped with a citrus butter sauce.

“It’s a very light dish. It’s light, it so hot out and we have a breeze coming in. A nice scallop on a hot month is all good,” said Petrillo.

The tuna stack has celery, avocado, and mango and is served with homemade wasabi chips.

“It’s everything I love in a tuna stack. A lot of texture, fresh cold tuna, and spice,” said Petrillo.

They ended on the decadent French toast made with ciabatta bread, rum, and chocolate. Another sweet treat filled with a side of fun and frivolity!

Palace Bar is open seven days a week with shows Monday through Friday at 7:30 p.m. and weekend brunches.

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