Mary Ellen W.

September 25, 2020

OUT. OF. CONTROL. in the BEST way possible. OMG if I lived in Miami I would celebrate every major life event here.

Pregnant? Headed to Palace. Gave birth? Let’s go to Palace. Baby’s first bday? Palace here we come!

My best pal and I went to the drag brunch and had all you can drink mimosas and entree for $45. We asked if we could have the pitcher of champagne with orange juice on the side- bc my pal has acid reflux when he drinks. We got a hard no. The manager pre-mixes the champagne and oj lol. The seating is VERY close to other tables so I hope you are social!! Luckily our neighbors were sooo nice even after I spilled a pitcher on them. were instagram friends now!

The queens are absolute royalty! Lap dances, fierce choreography, gymnastics on the street, outfit changes in the middle of the set. WIG SNATCHED!!! wigs were literally flying left and right. Unreal. I left hammered and happy.