Never a drag: Palace Bar brunch is a showstopper

April 6, 2018

By Shireen Sandoval, Apr 6, 2018 7 NEWS MIAMI
Miami – Thomas Donall, owner of the Palace Restaurant and Bar on Ocean Drive, chatted with Digital Journal. Miami needs Palace Restaurant and Bar more than ever.


There’s a lot going on for Miami Beach Pride, including a parade and festival this Sunday, but it’s always a party on Sundays at Palace Bar, and this weekend is no different. They put on a drag show brunch that’ll have you makin’ it rain dolla, dolla bills.

Tiffany Fantasia: “It’s just wild, it’s crazy. Somebody’s gonna do a flip, somebody’s gonna do a kick, somebody’s just going to entertain you.”

Entertainment is what Sundays at Palace Bar on South Beach are all about.

TP Lords: “Forget all the drama and the madness at home. Forget that the bills are due. Just come out and have a good time with us here at the Palace.”

Brunch? Check. Bottomless mimosas? Yes, please.

And a drag show that has the crowd going wild?!

This place is lit — and it doesn’t matter whether you’re a regular…

Jimmy D. Robinson: “You can dance here, you can drink, you can eat. Everyone comes off the beach. It’s a wonderful place to hang out.”

Christian J. Perez: “This is by far the best drag show in the nation and probably the entire world.”

Or a newbie.

Karina Corbalani: “This is my first time here, and it’s amazing. I’m having such a good time. I love it here.”

Tiffany Fantasia: “We have the perfect combination of entertainers. No matter what field they’re in, they entertain you to the fullest, so you’re never bored.”

And hopefully not short on cash, because these lovely ladies straight up werk for their tips.

You’ll also never be short on adult beverages. (Did we mention the bottomless mimosas?)

Tiffany Fantasia: “Between the drinking and entertainment, we want you so wasted — well, as long as you get home safely — we want you to have so much fun that you can’t remember how much fun you had. You just know you had a good time!”

Though we’re not sure you could ever forget the part where you become part of the show.

Tiffany Fantasia: “We get the customers to get up and dance with us.”

Get it, girls!

The drag shows at Palace Bar go down at 11:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Sundays. For $45, you get unlimited mimosas for two hours and access to their special brunch menu.

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